Over and Under Water Part 1 (L → R)

On Ei, Consequences, and Resent (L → R)

On the Loss of a Name

Commission Info

Examples of Previous Commissions

Starting Prices

  • Bust - 50 USD

  • Half Body - 75 USD

  • Full Body - 100 USD

  • Price can change based on level of detail.

Commissioning Process

  • DM or email for commissions (preferred) or contact me through my VGen account.

  • I have 3 open commission slots. Once they are filled, any further commission requests will be waitlisted until a slot opens. I am still open to discussing your commission while waitlisted.

  • Provide a detailed description of the piece you'd like. Reference photos and examples of my past works are very helpful. Do not provide AI references.

  • I am open to discuss if you want something not listed.

  • I will provide a price based on your description.

  • If you agree to the price, I will make a small sketch of your piece for your approval, no payment necessary.

  • Once the sketch is approved, I will send you a PayPal invoice via email. No progress will be made on the piece until the invoice is paid.

  • You will be updated at least once a week on the progress of your piece.

Terms and Conditions

  • No NSFW.

  • Personal use only. Do not use for NFTs or to train AI. Commercial prices will be negotiated.

  • Paypal payment only.

  • Full payment will be made upfront after the sketch is approved. Large commissions can be negotiated.

  • Max of 3 free minor changes after piece is completed.

  • I can refuse a commission for any reason and I am not obligated to state that reason.

  • I retain full use rights to the artwork, which includes but is not limited to distributing and using the image as a sample for sales or self-promotion.